Discover What's Causing Your Sewer Issues

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It’s important to find out why your drains are backed up. Rooter Champion Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting uses a sewer camera to identify drain and sewer issues in the La Palma, Whittier, & Orange, CA area. During your drain camera inspection, we’ll use a video camera snake to pinpoint the issue causing your sewer problems. Our sewer camera is fixed to a flexible rod. It provides high-resolution video footage and emits radio waves to help us pinpoint the exact location of your clog. Once we locate the issue, we can resolve it quickly and correctly.

If you want to extend the life of your drains and sewer lines, ask us about regular maintenance services. We can inspect your sewer and drain lines as often as you need us to. You’ll avoid future problems and costly repairs.

5 important reasons to schedule a drain camera inspection

Rooter Champion Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting provides drain camera inspection services in La Palma, Whittier, & Orange, CA and other communities in Orange County and Los Angeles County. Plumbing camera inspections:

  1. Give you fast, accurate results
  2. Provide an overall picture of your plumbing’s condition
  3. Help you avoid cutting through walls, taking apart fixtures and damaging your home
  4. Identify plumbing issues before they become costly catastrophes
  5. Save you money in the long run

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