Camera Inspections

Camera Inspection

We perform high definition sewer and drain line camera inspections for residential and commercial locations. We have the latest equipment and have the capability of recording in high quality definition and full color. We have the capability of camera inspecting drain lines as small as 1-1/2′ in diameter. We can even camera inspect your toilet itself with our Ridgid Micro camera.

Real Estate Purchase Sewer Camera Inspection

Purchasing a property? Let’s camera inspect the sewer line. You want to make sure the sewer lateral does not have any underlying potential issues that can cost you a lot of money in the future. We will provide a full report and camera inspection recording that will give you peace of mind. If we find any issues with the sewer lateral we can fix it for you. WE ARE A ONE STOP SHOP!

Line Locating

Our cameras are equipped with a location device that is able to emit a radio frequency of 512mhz, this enables us to locate the frequency with our sonde locator. With this process we are able to locate the exact location of the pipe, depth and position


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