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We offer a full extent of drain cleaning and repair services for residential and commercial locations. With over 10 years of experience in drain cleaning and customer satisfaction.

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Drain Cleaning & Plumbing

We offer Drain Cleaning & Plumbing services in Orange County and Los Angeles County

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We offer full sewer replacement options. Specializing in trenchless sewer replacement, rehabilitation. We have options that work for you and your budget.

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Family owned & operated local plumber. We take pride in our work; customer satisfaction is our number one priority

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Sewer & Drain Cleaning

We offer a full extent of drain cleaning and repair services for residential and commercial locations.

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Hydro Jetting

We offer full Hydro Jetting services for residential and commercial locations.

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Camera Inspection

We perform high definition sewer and drain line camera inspections for residential and commercial locations.

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Had an issue with a toilet back up. They gave me an estimate over the phone and stuck to it when they finished the job. No hassle or hidden fees. Professional job and service with no hidden agenda to try to take more money. I had a great experience using Rooter Champion and would definitely use again/recommend.

Amy Benson
I’m so glad that a family friend sent me to this company. They were great. Even just making an appointment was easy and comfortable. When the guy arrived to clean our sewage pipe he was very friendly. He did a very good job and the price I paid was ore than fair. I am really appreciative to them. I highly recommend this company.
Kris Hooper

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    Professional Plumbing Services by Rooter Champion

    Rooter Champion provides plumbing and drain cleaning services in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. It has developed a steller reputation among residential and commercial customers because their first priority is delivering exceptional customer service to their clients. They are licensed experts in a wide spectrum of plumbing and drain cleaning services. If you ever ask yourself, “Who is the best plumber near me,” you do not have to look any further.

    Plumbing problems are common in all households. One of the most common problems is a clogged drain. A lot of people try to fix a clogged drain themselves because they think that all they have to do is to pour some chemicals down the drain to disslove the clog. And if one application does not work, they make a bigger mistake by pouring even more chemicals, thinking that more is better. However, it is often not that simple. Sometimes these chemicals damage the pipes without fixing the clog. For stubborn clogs like these, it is best to contact a professional plumbing service like Rooter Champion.

    The company uses high-tech methods in diagnosing a drain problem. They use a specialized camera that can be snaked down through the drain to locate the cause of the obstruction. There is no guess work involved. High-resolution images of inside the drain line can be seen on the video display, which you can see for yourself as well so you can get a first-hand view of the condition of the line. The technicians will explain to you the cause of the problem so you will have a clearer understanding of the issue.

    Sometimes obstructions are deep inside the drain and sewer lines that only a professional plumbing service can fix. Lines can be blocked by an overgrowth of roots from landscape plants, by an accumulation of yard debris, grease, and dirt. Over the years, this mass of debris can clog the line little by little until nothing can pass through the line anymore.

    Rooter Champion can clean and clear the line by a method called hydro-jetting. This is a method of pumping in water that has been highly pressurized through the line. The force of the water flushes out the accumulation of the waste materials that are clogging up the line. The result is a drain line that is once again free and clear of obstructions, all without the use of any chemical agents.

    If the crew discovers a part of the line that is damaged, Rooter Champion can fix the line by using a trenchless sewer line replacement method. This method does not require digging up your landscaping in order to replace the damaged line segment. The drain line can be repaired while preserving your landscape.

    Rooter Champion is also available for emergency services. Just give them a call and describe the emergency, and the technicians will get to your house as soon as possible.

    The company takes pride in their quality and professionalism. They guarantee their work for one year. That is why so many clients trust their services. They stand by their work and are not satisfied until their customer is satisfied.

    When you have a toilet that clogs frequently, the real problem might be deeper in the sewer line than you think. Sometimes older drain pipes made from cast iron have a jagged texture inside the diameter of the line that catches toilet paper instead of letting them drain all the way through the line. To solve this problem, Rooter Champion can descale the interior of the drain line to give it a smoother surface, thus allowing toilet paper to flow through easier.

    If you have a drainage problem, call Rooter Champion to evaluate the issue. They will describe their recommendations and will give you a free estimate of the services that they will provide to fix the problem. Everything is transparent so you will not be surprised by any hidden costs.

    A sink or toilet that backs up is a great inconvenience to everyone in the household. A well-maintained drainage system is important to keep your plumbing system in good shape. Do not try to fix stubborn drainage problems yourself. Contact Rooter Champion to keep your drain lines in top condition.

    Serving Corona Del Mar CA.