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We offer a full extent of drain cleaning and repair services for residential and commercial locations. With over 10 years of experience in drain cleaning and customer satisfaction.

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Sewer & Drain Cleaning

We offer a full extent of drain cleaning and repair services for residential and commercial locations.

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We offer full Hydro Jetting services for residential and commercial locations.

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We perform high definition sewer and drain line camera inspections for residential and commercial locations.

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Had an issue with a toilet back up. They gave me an estimate over the phone and stuck to it when they finished the job. No hassle or hidden fees. Professional job and service with no hidden agenda to try to take more money. I had a great experience using Rooter Champion and would definitely use again/recommend.

Amy Benson
I’m so glad that a family friend sent me to this company. They were great. Even just making an appointment was easy and comfortable. When the guy arrived to clean our sewage pipe he was very friendly. He did a very good job and the price I paid was ore than fair. I am really appreciative to them. I highly recommend this company.
Kris Hooper

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    Sewer Repair, Cleaning, Main Line Cleanouts by Rooter Champion

    A clogged drain is one of those problems that might seem simple to fix on the outside, but which might actually be just the tip of the iceberg of a bigger problem. Sometimes there are drainage problems that should be left to the professionals to fix. For problems like these, you need to call in the experts, such as Rooter Champion in the Orange County and Los Angeles Count area.

    Rooter Champion is a licensed and bonded company which has been in business for 10 years helping residential and commercial customers in So. California with their drainage problems. They offer comprehensive services in drain and sewer cleaning plus repair of your sewage system. Their goal is to provide the highest level of service to their clients so each of them is fully satisifed with the results.

    When a drain is backed up, the first instinct that a lot of people have is to run to the hardware store to get some commercial products that promise to unclog your drain. However, these products often do more harm than good. The chemicals in these diy products are corrosive. If not used properly, they can damage your pipes without doing anything to solve the drainage problem. Another mistake that people make is that when these products do not unclog the drain the first time, the user mistakenly assumes that they did not use enough chemicals. They fall into the trap of using more of the chemicals the second time hoping that it will work this time around. Not only is this not recommended, but a higher concentration of these chemicals will sure to cause more harm than good. If the problem is deeper in the main line or if it is a problem with the sewer, no amount of chemicals from the hardward store will solve the problem.

    In addition, these chemicals are harmful if they come into contact with your eyes and skin. The chemical reaction can also produce fumes that can irritate your lungs. So, there are health hazards if you use these chemicals in unclogging a drain.

    For a solution that is safer for you and for your property, call the technicians at Rooter Champion. They will come to your property and promptly and evaluate the situation. They have the latest high-tech equipment to locate the clog. To get a visual of what is going on inside the drainage line, a camera designed for inspecting the drain line can be used inside the line to take a high definition video of the drain line. The technician can see exactly what the problem is, locate the clog, and zero in on the problem right away.

    Drainage problems can be caused by a number of reasons. The most common reason is foreign objects that have fallen into the drain or toilet that caused the obstruction. However, there are other causes. Sometimes roots from your trees and plants can invade the sewer lines underground. Your water might start to drain slower and slower over a period of time without you noticing until it finally causes enough obstruction, resulting in a back-up. Another reason of a clog is a build-up of dirt, grease, leaves, and debris that accumulate until your waste water can no longer drain properly.

    Rooter Champion can do a drain cleanout for your household sinks, septic tank, grease trap, yard drain, storm drains, sewer lines and main line. A technique used in cleaning out the drains effectively is called hydro jetting. This is a technique of using water that is pressurized up to 4000 pounds per square inch which is forced through the lines using a special hose and nozzle, thus flushing out all the accumulation of dirt, debris, and grease through the line. The inside of the drain pipes and sewer line are flushed clean. No harmful chemicals are used. This method of drain and sewer cleaning is safe, eco-friendly, and effective.

    If you drainage and sewer system requires repair or improvement, Rooter Champion can provide various solutions for your needs. For example, if you find your toilet is prone to clogs by toilet tissue because they alway get caught in the roughness of the cast iron pipes, the company can do a cast iron descaling to make the inner diameter of the pipe smoother. No more toilette tissue stuck in the pipes. If a section of your sewer line requires replacement, the company can repair it by using a trenchless sewer replacement system so they would not have to dig up your landscaping in order to put in a new section of sewer line. The company can discuss these options so you will know exactly what is involved.

    Rooter Champion has developed a great reputable in the industry. Customers are impressed with how efficient the crew in solving their drainage problems. Their quotes are competitive, and they often go the extra mile in providing the high quality service that clients expect. They guarantee their work with a one year warranty, which is one of the things that sets this company apart from their competition.

    The company prides itself in placing their customers first. They are a family-owned business and values each and everyone of their customers. They believe in transparency and are more than happy to patiently explain to you what exactly the problem is. Through their specialized camera, they can how you what the problem was before they fixed it and what it looks like afterwards you can see the results for yourself. They are not satisified until you are completely happen with their work.

    Serving Seal Beach CA.